At Rabbit Hole Ventures, we embrace calculated risk with thoughtful abandon. We are an entrepreneurial company that creates or partners on projects designed to support economic development in northeast Indiana. We work to strengthen industries, attract and retain top talent, create jobs, support entrepreneurs, and build communities.

We exist to create fundamental, positive change for residents of northeast Indiana and beyond.

About the Founder

CrystalWallstrom_WebReady_HeadshotRabbit Hole Ventures was started by founder, Crystal Vann Wallstrom in San Francisco, CA in 2008 after the stock market crashed. Crystal lived through the dotcom bust, the housing bubble boom and bust, the Bay Area’s rebirth, tech industry growth, and yet another deep dive into gentrification. She understands the best of San Francisco is balanced by its worst.

Crystal brings the experiences gained from the bold, savvy, diverse, entrepreneurial, and international city, as well as the lessons learned from its negative gentrification and displacement, crime, homelessness, and skyrocketing housing prices to her work. She is passionate about making Fort Wayne, and the region, the best it can be.

During her 15 years in San Francisco, she worked for top creative agencies including the global brand consulting firm Landor Associates, international award winning and strategic design firm Cahan & Associates, and verbal design agency Zenmark. She brings her years of experience in client and project management, business and brand strategy, marketing, event planning, and operations to Fort Wayne, Indiana—the new home that has captured her heart.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the Northeastern State University and a Master’s in Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco.

Please join us, and take the leap through the rabbit hole. See you on the other side!